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If you want to avoid wasting money on an uninterested mass of individuals with your marketing efforts, 

online Advertising is the way to go. 

Now we have news for local business owners: 

You can have your business advertised on our website. 

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The Advantage of Advertising with the Partners Page. 

When you Advertise with Detroit Biz Video News Partners Page.

Partners Page Ads get 10 Images to upload of their Business. 

Partners Page Have a link to show their Business.

These Links can be Shared with all Friends and Social Sites.

This type of Advertising Combined with all Partners Page helps everyone gets Viral Advertising.

Detroit Biz Video News Targets.

Only the Detroit Metro Neighboring Communities. 

This Partner Page is great for Anything you want to show.

Bands Advertising where they are playing.

Partners Page can Advertise for your Yard Sales Also any Items you may have.

Small Business Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Painters.

Partners Page Members can send an Email to change any Photos or Videos.

Extra Benefits for Viral Advertising 

Extra Benefits that Detroit Biz Video News Offers Is our Viral E-Book.

This is a Special Offer will cost to have made for you.

Check out My E-Book Here Sample.

Partners Page E-Books 

With the Partners Page E-Book you can add information about your business.

Have a Professional Looking E-Book Design for all your Friends and Customers to Share.

These are a few things to turn your Business on in a way for Viral Advertising.

Your Partners Page E-Book has an URL for you to Share and Advertise.

Detroit Biz Video News Can Update this Link for you easy when needed.

Your E-Book is Updated. And you will see the changes right away so will everybody you shared it with.

Give Your E-Book to all your Friends and Customers easy Advertising.

This Method Is Great for People that don't have a website and makes them look more Professional.

Partners Page Members can join our Facebook Group also.

Here we can help each other learn more About Viral Advertising.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone. 

Thank You, Raymond Porter.

The Motor City Ad Man

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