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Creating a Safe and Stylish Nursery with Detroit Business Agency's Bedding Products Short Logo Video. 

Welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world is a beautiful and exciting experience for any parent.

While decorating the nursery, it’s important to prioritize baby safety in design and décor.

According to the CDC, each year in the United States, around 3,500 infants die suddenly and unexpectedly during sleep due to accidental suffocation, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), or unknown causes.

Therefore, it's crucial to take baby safety seriously while designing a nursery. Detroit Business Agency's bedding products aid in creating a safe and comfortable environment for newborns.

Designing a nursery is an exciting part of becoming a new parent, but it's important to keep safety in mind when selecting bedding products.

Detroit Business Agency offers a variety of bedding products that not only look great but are also safe for babies.

Here are a 9 Tips for creating a safe and stylish nursery:

1. Here are some tips for new parents to create a safe and stylish nursery: 

2. Invest time in researching safe bedding products. 

3. Choose cribs that meet safety standards. 

4. Babies should not be placed on unsafe sleeping surfaces such as couches, chairs, waterbeds, or soft surfaces like memory foam. 

5. Use fitted sheets only. 

6. Create a comfortable environment by using lightweight and breathable materials. 

7. Choose satin or silk sheets and swaddles over fleece and wool. 

8. You want products that can serve multiple functions and grow with your child.  

9. Let the simple side of Simplicity Hot Pink bring out the sweetness in your room! 

The Importance of Breathable Materials and Minimal BeddingTightly tucked sheets and minimal bedding are the best options for baby safety.

Softness and fluffiness may seem comfortable, but they can interfere with the baby's ability to breathe.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to use a firm, flat sleep surface, devoid of pillows, toys, bumpers, and blankets.

Potential Hazards of Crib Bumpers and a SolutionCrib bumpers were once common in creating a safe space for babies, but studies now show that they can cause suffocation, strangulation, and entrapment.

The good news is parents can invest in a protective mattress cover to create a safe sleeping area for their little ones.

Detroit Business Agency's Bedding ProductsDetroit Business Agency bedding products are designed with baby safety as the top priority.

Our products are made with100% premium organic cotton and are free from harmful chemicals.

Our beddings are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, lending a sense of coziness to the crib.

We offer a range of bedding products, including fitted sheets, pillowcases, mattress covers, and swaddles.

Parents your will babies sleep soundly and comfortably on safe, and chemical-free bedding.

Customers testify to the durability and quality of the products, and how they contribute to providing a safe and sustainable environment for babies.

Shop for Safe Bedding Products with Detroit Business AgencyProviding a safe and comfortable nursery is essential for the well-being of newborns.

Detroit Business Agency's bedding products not only provide comfort, but they are also chemical-free, lightweight, and breathable, which ensures the safety of babies.

As new parents, it's important to prioritize baby safety in every aspect of design and décor.

Shop for our reliable and safe bedding products at Detroit Business Agency to create a safe and stylish nursery for your bundle of joy .

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